Mentoring & Support

Digital NMD can provide expert advice in a range of areas around Digital & Emerging technologies. Mentors from SERC & SRC are industry experts and can provide access to knowledge as well as equipment and software.

Digital NMD can also provide access to funding for some mentoring services to reduce the cost or offer free of charge. If you would like to arrange a mentoring session with one of our experts in SERC or SRC, please fill in the form below outlining the area you would like advice in and a number we can contact you on to arrange a time slot.

Mentoring Support:

Step 1: College completes Diagnostic with business
Step 2: Digital Transformation Action plan completed
Step 3: Mentoring and Funding Support identified
Step 4: Business Receives 1:1 Support
Step 5: Evaluation of Support
Step 6: Further Signposting if required

The support is detailed in the infographic below:

STEP 1: College completes diagnostic with business

STEP 2: Digital Transformation Action Plan completed

STEP 3: Mentoring and funding support determined

STEP 4: Support received

STEP 5: Evaluation completed

STEP 6: Further signposting if required