Immersive Content including Drone / 360 Video Footage

Immersive experiences can help to create a positive engagement with your business. Immersive technology can bring many benefits including scalability, ease of use and new types of experiences for customers and employees.

According to ABI Research, 360-degree video, interactive and immersive content formats will generate US$6 billion dollars of revenue by 2022; tapping into the virtual reality ecosystem as well as widespread support for application development on mobile platforms.


Drones and 360 degree footage is becoming very popular. Drones especially can take views of scenery that wasn’t affordable until recently and can provide an awesome perspective on some business and event videos.

Whilst the footage is amazing, the footage needs to complement the overall project in order to tell a story or showcase an experience.
One of the most popular new digital marketing strategies is immersive video, as it creates an engaging experience for consumers or tourists.

Drone and 360 degree footage is evolving very quickly and businesses such as estate agents, event consultants, retailers, personal trainers, photographers and tourism-related businesses can benefit from this style of video.

Warning – You must have permission and a licence from the UK Civil Aviation Authority before you use a drone for commercial work.